03 aprile 2011

How to save Twitter Regulars from Giants

Twitter Giants are a great resource for everyone crossing their highways on Twitter, as outlined by @xcapedcat here . They're a great source of information and provide valuable feedbacks, once you learn how to catch their attention. @SuuperG is a very nice example and explains it here.
Although your activity on Twitter is limited to a few minuted of idle time during the day and no more than an hour in the evening, there's a great chance to meet them online, even if you live in a different continent.
But what about the "Regular" (like you) twitters you follow? They risk to be submerged by the Giants' flood.
I therefore grouped all Giants in a list: a great competition for the most relevant content !
I've also created a list grouping every person (not company, news agency, journalist etc) I start following. Whoever shows a Giant attitude will be migrated to his peers company.
As long as such list grows, I will split it, always trying to preserve the possibility of reading a post of 1-2 hrs ago without spending hours in scrolling or reasearch.
And you? How do you take care of your Regular pals?

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Gina SuuperG Stark ha detto...

I love this, Mario! A brilliant utilization of lists. I am a HUGE fan of lists. When I started, trust me, I was just a "regular" engager and I looked to others for content that I retweeted. I evolved into the voracious tweeter/engager/content fool/retweeter that I am today. Who knows where my Twitter evolution will take me :) Thank you OODLES for including me. Such a compliment. Ciao! Gina