08 ottobre 2011

Stay hungry. Full stop

Ok, stay hungry. Love and curiosity move the World, so be hungry of both.
Stay foolish? If the meaning is "don't take yourself too seriously" I subscribe it.
And also a few drops of foolishness, a non-conventional look at the world are ok. But don't forget that being a genius is a privilege granted to the very few. Those very few who can break the rules and nonethelss foster the progress of humanity. Don't forget that the probability of being one of them is negligible, Those waiting for the confirmation of being a genius and just breaking rules in the meantime, are nothing but nasty fools.
So I'd rather say:

"When you wake up in the morning, don't ask yourself what you desire, if you'd rather be somewhere else or be someone else. Think about doing better the same things you did yesterday.  Convince yourself that you're exactly where you should be, that you're unique and whatever you're doing, it matters.  Reduce everything that is unnecessary , words in particular. Be convinced that geniuses need you, because they would be useless if nobody would follow them. Always be honest with yourself and if one day you'll have an ingenious idea or a new life opportunity, you'll recognize it. And with a clear mind, you'll choose".

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